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Bolt Action!: Operation Kastle Krashers

May 19

CALLING ALL GENERALS! Bring your Bolt Action armies to Game Kastle on 19 May and enjoy a day of gaming with fellow generals.
There will be room for 16 players but we can accommodate more so be sure to register early.

The tournament uses the rules from Bolt Action 2.0 as written. To simulate the casualties of war, players begin each consecutive round with a smaller amount of units.


This three-round de-escalation tournament will be structured as follows:
Round 1 – 1,000 points, 2.5 hours.
Lunch Break — 1 hour.
Round 2 – 750 points, 2.0 hours.
Break — 30 minutes.
Round 3 – 500 points, 1.5 hours.

All armies are allowed. However, no armored platoons permitted nor flame-throwing tanks.

Players are to bring a single 1,000 point Army. This army must be built using Bolt Action 2.0 and the relevant National Book. Players may not change the composition of their army at any time during the tournament. A unit starting at 1,000 will use the same army at 750 and 500 points. No additions may be made to the army once the game begins.

Players have the choice of restructuring their force any way they choose in between rounds. In other words, the 750 and 500 point units are selected from any units that were part of the initial 1000 point army even if that unit was “killed” in the previous round.
Players must have three copies of their army list for each level of the tournament. One copy goes to the tournament committee, one to your opponent, and one for the player. Army Builder or Bolt Action created army lists are preferred.

Painted armies are not required. However, we prefer forces to be painted to a minimum of 3 colors, wash, and base. However, “primer” is ok. To win a prize, your army must have a minimum of 3 colors and based. Forces that are completely painted will get a +1 roll to choose the side they play on. If both players have painted armies then roll normally with no bonus.

Players must bring their Bolt Action dice (Try to bring multiple colors!), dice, measuring tool, pin markers and something to write with.

Above all, the GM of the tournament has the final say in any decisions, rules or otherwise. He will be fair and just, but also expeditious to keep the flow of the tournament going.

All scenarios are out of the Bolt Action Version 2.0 book. The tables are pre-set and may not be rearranged by the players.

If you want to play but don’t have an army available, don’t fret! There will be six loaner armies available!

Register over the phone or in store. Online pre-registration is available here!

$10 pre-registration fee.

$12 at the door

Grand prize is a painted unit of your choice!




May 19


Game Kastle Mountain View
550 Showers Drive
Mountain View,CA94040United States



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